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The 2 stroke test kit has been developed as an aid to the engineer.

It has always been the Achilles heel of 2 stroke engines that they rely on the user adding the correct amount of oil to the fuel. Often the user thinks that a few seconds of extra use, with neat fuel, will not cause a problem, but it invariably does!

It is now possible to demonstrate to the customer that sufficient oil was not present in the fuel mixture. This only takes a few moments and can use the small amount of fuel remaining in the carburettor. Most disputes with the customer/hirer can be defused by the intervention of a third party, i.e. the Quoin 2 stroke test kit.

Whilst we endeavour to check our tests with all readily available oils it is always possible that an oil will not react with our test. We therefore suggest that a known sample is tested to familiarise the operator with the expected results.

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