A simple and accurate method to determine if 2-Stroke Oil is present in the fuel mixture - especially after engine failure.

Many smaller petrol driven machines such as chainsaws and lawnmowers use 2 stroke engines. Although usually reliable, the downside is very often these engines rely on the user adding the correct amount of oil to the fuel. And failure to do so can cause major problems!

Using our testing kit it is now possible to demonstrate that insufficient oil is present in the fuel mixture. This only takes a few moments and can use the small amount of fuel remaining in the carburettor.

Most disputes with the customer/hirer can be defused by the intervention of a third party - this 2 stroke test kit! It is widely used in the Plant Hire Industry.

The 2 stroke engine fuel testing kit

Who uses this product?

Hire Companies

These kits are widely used by Hire companies to make sure the fuel has the correct amount of oil in.


This 2 stroke test kit has been developed as an aid for engineers working with 2 stroke engines.


Husqvarna, the outdoor power products manufacturer use these kits on their 2 stroke engines.


Although not initially intended for individuals, our kits are available to buy online from the likes of Ebay etc.

Lawnmower with a 2 stroke engine

Outdoor Power Products

2 Stroke Engines are especially common in garden/outdoor power products like lawnmowers, hedgecutters, strimmers, chainsaws and power washers. Our test kit is used by many companies who hire out these products.

Moped shwing the type of 2 stroke engine our kit tests


Many motorbikes, mopeds, boats, go-karts, jet skis, quad bikes and sit-on-lawnmowers use 2 stroke engines. And most of these will need to add the oil to the fuel separately! Our test kit can be used to test the oil/fuel mixture in these products.

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